TimePaper No.TitleAuthor(s)
Session:ThuA1 – ECTI-ICROS Special Session on Advanced Control Designs and Applications
Chair:Napasool Wongvanich
Co-Chair:PooGyeon Park
10:00-10:151570848023An LMI Approach to State Feedback Control of Non-Polynomial Systems with Input ConstraintsPhing Lim; David Banjerdpongchai
10:15-10:301570848157Stability and Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of Delayed Food-Chain Model with Fear and HarvestingSivasamy Ramasamy; David Banjerdpongchai
10:30-10:451570837301Consensus Condition Based on Free-Matrix-Based Integral Inequality for Multi-Agent Systems with Time DelaysHoSub Lee; PooGyeon Park
10:45-11:001570844085Combined Step-Size Generalized Continuous Mixed p-Norm AlgorithmMinho Lee; Seung Hyun Ryu; Chan Park; PooGyeon Park
11:00-11:151570847116Denoising and Demodulation in CW Radar: A Machine Learning Approach Based on Synthetic Vital SignalsWon Yeol Yoon; Byeong Jun Kim; Nam Kyu Kwon
11:15-11:301570843908Deep Reinforcement Learning with HER for Path Planning of Mobile RobotMin Jae Park; Byeong Jun Kim; Nam Kyu Kwon
Session:ThuA2 – ECTI-SICE Special Session on Advances in Control Engineering and Applications
Chair:Sudchai Boonto
Co-Chair:Kou Yamada
13:00-13:151570848804Effects of Dimensionality Reduction on Classifier Training Time and QualityAuapong Yaicharoen; Kotaro Hashikura; Md Abudus samal Kamal; Iwanori Murakami; Kou Yamada
13:15-13:301570843873A Study on Reduction of the Number of Motion Control Motors of a Wheeled Snake RobotYuuki Katou; Takaaki Hagiwara; Yuudai Kusano
13:30-13:451570853415Matlab Platform Remote Control System ExperimentsSungwan Boksuwan
13:45-14:001570848445Digital Retail Shop Services in Cyber-Physical Retail System: A Case Study of Food BusinessChavapol Yensabai; Teema Leangarun; Diew Koolpiruck; Waranyu Ngoenthai
14:00-14:151570855195The Study of Sementic Deep Learning Segmentation for Durian OrchardSungwan Boksuwan
14:15-14:301570837704Crop Prediction Based on Soil Nutrients Using Fuzzy ApproachSwathi T; Selvaraj Sudha
Session:ThuA3 – Robotics
Chair:Kanjanapan Sukvichai
Co-Chair:Kittipong Yaovaja
14:45-15:001570846399Parameter Identification of a Robot Manipulator with Nonlinear Friction ModelWoraphrut Kornmaneesang; Chen Shyh-Leh
15:00-15:151570836706Design and Development of Navigation System for an Autonomous VehicleBenjamas Panomruttanarug; Thanakorn Ketnoi; Ashis Kumar  Ojha; Natthawut Boonruam
15:15-15:301570837515Asynchronous and Synchronous Federated Learning-Based UAVsItika Sharma; Ayushe Sharma; Sachin Kumar Gupta
15:30-15:451570847867A Comparative Study of Vehicle Platoon with Limited Output Information in Directed TopologiesAgung Prayitno; Veronica Indrawati; Itthisek Nilkhamhang
15:45-16:001570848677Experimental Instrument for Studying Scaled Tire’s Slip-Friction CharacteristicsRonnapee Chaichaowarat; Sirawich Wongwaisayawan