TimePaper No.TitleAuthor(s)
Session:ThuB1 – Artificial Intelligence I
Chair:Rardchawadee Silapunt
Co-Chair:Koonlachat Meesublak
10:00-10:151570845788Monocular Visual Odometry for Small UAVsSutthiphong Srigrarom
10:15-10:301570841540Point Cloud Based Guidance for Autonomous Mobile Robot in Sugarcane PlantationSurachai Rodsai; Chowarit Mitsantisuk; Atsushi Takahashi; Anusorn Iamrurksiri
10:30-10:451570844024A Method for Football Players Detection on the Soccer Field by Integrated Image Processing TechniquesPachara Tumtong; Phokin Promvijittrakarn; Paanchat Pattanaworapan; Theekapun Charoenpong
10:45-11:001570842967Residential Versus Migratory Bird Flight: Classification by Trajectories CharacterizationSutthiphong Srigrarom; Chonnapatt Phichayophas; Suwarin Pattanachuanchom
11:00-11:151570843694A Skin Segmentation Method for Touchless Image Viewer in the Operating Room by 2D CameraPichayapa Rungpanich; Paanchat Pattanaworapan; Kraiyot Kiatsoontorn; Theekapun Charoenpong
Session:ThuB2 – Artificial Intelligence II
Chair:Kitsuchart Pasupa
Co-Chair:Somying Thainimit
13:00-13:151570843939The Machine Learning-Based Algorithm for Solving Inverse Kinematics of the Robot ManipulatorByeong Jun Kim; Won Yeol Yoon; Nam Kyu Kwon
13:15-13:301570847510Bleeding Region Segmentation in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images by K-Mean Clustering TechniqueAreeya Seebutda; Sirilak Sakuncharoenchaiya; Nuwee Wiwatwattana; Amber Charoen; Kawee Numpacharoen; Theekapun Charoenpong
13:30-13:451570848234Teeth Detection for Panoramic Dental X-Ray Image by Rotated Tooth Template for Telemedicine TechnologyNirunchara Sirinart; Wanwisa Paton; Piyamaporn Wareethip; Theekapun Charoenpong
13:45-14:001570849041Real-Time Image Processing for Production Tracking in Manufacturing PlantKoksal Chou; Chawalit Jeenanunta; Wetu Vexo; Apinun Tunpan; Nisit Sirimarnkit; Tith Vong; Kosorl Thourn
14:00-14:151570837611Robot Arm Movement Control by Model-Based Reinforcement Learning Using Machine Learning Regression Techniques and Particle Swarm OptimizationKittipong Boonlong
Session:ThuB3 – Special Session on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Risk Reduction
Chair:Natt Leelawat
Co-Chair:Jing Tang
14:45-15:001570843718The 2022 Rayong Oil Spill Crisis in Thailand: An Identification for Reliability and Nearly-Real Time Data Using TwitterKumpol Saengtabtim; Ampan Laosunthara; Jing Tang; Natt Leelawat
15:00-15:151570848308Seeing A Status of Industrial Complex Activity Through an Air Quality: Central Region, ThailandAkira Kodaka; Natt Leelawat; Jing Tang; Yasushi Onda; Naohiko Kohtake
15:15-15:301570847266Inertial and Magnetic Measurement Unit-Based Orientation Estimation Using a Parallel Neural NetworkJi Seok Choi; Chang June Lee; Jung Keun Lee
15:30-15:451570842088Investigation on MLP, CNNs and Vision Transformer Models Performance for Extracting Human Emotions via Facial ExpressionsAomsup Panlima; Kanjanapan Sukvichai