TimePaper No.TitleAuthor(s)
Session:ThuC1 – Instrumentation and Smart Agriculture
Chair:Kanjanapan Sukvichai
Co-Chair:Sudchai Boonto
10:00-10:151570848803A Design and Development of a Pneumatic Shock Calibration MachineKrit Jiamjiroch; Thira Jearsiripongkul; Dahmmaet Bunnjaweht; Patchayaporn Doungkum; Somthana Panyadilok; Adisorn Tongkum
10:15-10:301570851110The Development of Low-Cost Dry Electrode Using PDMS/CNT CompositeJongsook Sanguantrakul; Apit Hemakom; Pasin Israsena
10:30-10:451570847348Development of a Tomato Fruit Anomalies Detector for a Small Greenhouse Drone ApplicationSittiporn Tantiborirak; Kanjanapan Sukvichai; Chanunya Loraksa
10:45-11:001570847736Implementation of a Monocular ORB SLAM for an Indoor Agricultural DroneKanjanapan Sukvichai; Noppanut Thongton; Kan Yajai
11:00-11:151570848575An Investigation of Surface Temperature Effect on Estrus Detection of Dairy Cows Using Supervised LearningPhongcharn Wongvivatvaitaya; Rardchawadee Silapunt; Sudchai Boonto
Session:ThuC2 – Control Theory , Automation and Control Applications
Chair:Benjamas Panomruttanarug
Co-Chair:Witthawas Pongyart
13:00-13:151570828455Intelligent Sliding Mode Control of Active Power Filter Using Extended State ObserverJuntao Fei
13:15-13:301570837163A Gradient Descent Method for Optimal Batch-To-Batch Control of Unknown Linear SystemsYuanqiang Zhou; Xiopeng Tang; Furong Gao; Xin Lai; Dewei Li; Weiguo Ma
13:30-13:451570842861Three-Phase Inverter Using Robust Tracking Control Based InterpolationVichet Huy; Heng Tang; Panha Soth; Socheat Yay; kakada Sovan; Chivon Choeung
13:45-14:001570843802Object Classification by Spectrogram Analysis of Impact Force Response Using Convolution Neural NetworkKrittapart Rattanasuwan; Chowarit Mitsantisuk
14:00-14:151570849794On the Modeling and Simulation of a Saturated SIR Epidemic Model with Joint Vaccination of Newborns and Susceptible SubpopulationsManuel de la Sen
Session:ThuC3 – Power Control and Energy Systems
Chair:Komsan Hongesombut
Co-Chair:Wanchak Lenwari
14:45-15:001570844025The Electricity Generation from Rice Flour Wastewater by a Single Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell in Continuous Mode OperationSarawut Suphannarach; Dusit Thanapatay; Nattakarn Prasertsung
15:00-15:151570844041Modeling Li-Ion Battery Using MATLABTanapon Yutthanava
15:15-15:301570848417Linear Matrix Inequality-Based Optimal State Feedback Control of a Three-Phase L-Filtered Grid-Connected InverterChivon Choeung; Heng Tang; Panha Soth; Sothim Keo; Phearit Leang; Horchhong Cheng; Sarot Srang; Vichet Huy
15:30-15:451570850904Modeling and Analysis of 300 MW Photovoltaic System Using ETAPMehrauz Rehmat; Arsalan Ansari; Maqsood-ur-Rehman Rehman